wordpress pages never look so good … well on the backend.

Navigation is not so great in WordPress admin, especially when you have so much content to manage.  We have developed a solution that makes negotiation of pages, posts and media, well, …better.  Imagine, one space to work on everything that matters for your website.  Better Page Management is an all in one modular platform that allows visually the organization, creation and editing of WordPress content and media.  

more than just
page management

WordPress pages and posts have never been so easy to navigate, identify and work with BPM.  You can visually identify current home page and recent pages/posts edited without having to traditionally searching or sorting.

Quickly and responsively preview pages and posts. No need to open another browser tab/window, resizing or pulling out a mobile device to test responsive design.

We are packing BPM with so many capabilities.  BPM completely replaces the standard admin WordPress pages and posts lists with a much more visual, intuitive user interface.

Better Page Management effortlessly supports many features you would expect from WordPress such as duplication, sorting and direct editing from dashboard. But we went much further with the interface offering advanced, responsive page previews, instant search, drag and drop. BPM is extensible, it was designed from the very beginning to support add-ons from us and 3rd parties. There is much more to come in the very near future.

BPM Dashboard

Managing WordPress pages and posts have never been easier. Visually navigate, identify, edit and preview any page or post on your website – better. BPM, in real time, generates near accurate thumbnails of all of your pages/posts on the site. When there are changes, these thumbnails are updated. No more fumbling around trying to find the home page and/or recently updated items.

more features equals more productivity

more than just
page management

Sorting, easy.  But we’ve gone much further than that.  How about drag and drop, allowing you to organize pages/posts any way you want.  Soon you will have more options including collections and project management.

Finding that last page you edited or a post that you created a while ago, in many cases, is a challenge in WordPress.  We offer instant search to enable you to find those pages/posts easily.

Single click editing, updating and adding new pages is so simple and elegant.  Even continuously preview all your pages and posts responsively while you work on them.

be informed

when the evolution of WordPress begins.

be informed

when the evolution of
Wordpress begins.

We are not just yet ready to lift the hood up on BPM.  There is so much more to share on this revolutionary platform and it’s many capabilities.  Until then, enjoy a preview of what’s to come by trying out  Peek A View.  Sooner than later, we will release more about this WordPress evolutionary solution,  BPM.  Be informed, stay hungry and expect more.  We promise a better experience working with content and media in WordPress.  We promise Better Page Management.